Agent Nwonknu (pronounced nwon-knu) is Agent Unknown's greatest enemy and him and Unknown have a strong rivalry, he is currently thinking of kidnapping Unknown and cloning himself as him and bully pookies so people will think that Unknown is a pookie hater and get him chased off Club Penguin Island. He is part of the PHD but is an associate.


Nwonknu was created by Agent Club he and was exclusively for the Pookie Hater Defense, however in order to make it he had to get Unknown's files and samples in order to be created. When he was finally created Club was very impressed, he named it "Agent Nwonknu". He had very good skills and combat. Agent Club wanted him to test out his skills first, he was strong and he was sucessfull experiment, Nwonknu was almost disabled in Operation Files but was saved by Agent Club before he was disabled. Later, Nwonknu and Unknown became friends, even if they are clones. But Omega try to kill Nwonknu in a raid, which Unknown decide to fuse with his own clone to form True Unknown.


  • He is the exact opposite of Unknown.
  • He was created to destroy Unknown so it would be easier for the PHD to skill pookies.
  • His creator is Agent Club.
  • He is was associate to the PHD, then got promoted as an Agent.
  • Nwonknu and Unknown have a strong rivalry way before.
  • His best friends are Agent Coco, Agent Unknown and Agent Agemo