A Pookie MELD

A MELDU Is A Mean Evil Lying Diva Uppie. The PPP are against MELDUs and are also against MELDs (MELDUs owners).

What Is A MELDU?Edit

A MELDU is a 'Mean Evil Lying Diva Uppie'. They are like a MELD only they are a dog. They will side with the MELD in an argument which when a MELD around there will be. The MELDU will say "Owner didn't push (insert your pookies name here)!" or "Owner is nice!" The MELDU will bully the other pookies by biting and clawing them. Most often the MELD who owns them commands them to do so.


  • Some MELDUs abandon their MELD owner and side with the pookie/s who were bullied.
  • The PPP rarely spot MELDUs, but there are still some around the island.

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