This term is not currently used on Club Penguin, just on our wiki and the Club Penguin Pookie Wiki.

MELD is short for "Mean Evil Lying Diva", they are like a Diva except they are worse. Think of them as 10x worse. They are just below Drama Llamas in rank of "Annoyingly Mean Penguins" or AMP.

A Pookie MELD

What do they do?Edit

They will act like a diva but only when the mumu, dudu, or biggy isn't paying attention. They will bully you and then when the mumu/dudu/biggy comes back they will act like sweet angels. They lie to the mumu and tell her "I didn't push (insert your pookie name here)!" "I'm not mean!" "Is Nice!" or something similar. Lastly, they somtimes say MO MO MO MO WOO NOT MEMBER to non members.

Why are they worse than normal divas?Edit

MELDs are worse than Divas for these reasons.

  • They don't act flat out diva-ish they do it behind the mumu's/dudu's back.
  • They will lie and deceive other penguins by acting cute around them.
  • They will act really sweet to biggies to get them to side with the MELD in an argument.
  • They're very tricky and sneaky.


A MELDU is a Mean Evil Lying Diva Uppie. They are like a MELD except they are a dog. They will side with the MELD in a argument, which when a MELD is around there will be. The MELDU will say "Owner didn't push (insert your pookie name here)!" or "Owner is nice!" The MELDU will bully the other pookies by biting and clawing them. Most often the MELD who owns them commands them to do so. 

How to protect yourself from a MELDEdit

  • Call someone from the Pookie Protection Program to help you. You can find some Protectors on this wiki and patrolling around the plaza on CP, for example the Director of the PPP. This is the most recommended option, but sometimes they'll be watching your igloo, so all you got to do is ask for help, and if no one answers, then go to the Plaza and look for a Protector.
  • Ignore and Report the MELD.
  • Leave the igloo immediatly if your wista/broder turns out to be a MELD.
  • Go on a different server (but delete her/him first if you added her to your friends because she/he might spot you).

How to spot a MELD (most of the time)Edit

  • If you see them in action.


  • MELD means Mean Evil Lying Divas, but that applies to diva mumus only. When you refer to a Pookie MELD, you're saying that he/she's a Mean Evil Little Diva, since the Evil part also has the lying part on it, because lying is evil.
  • Only two male MELDs has been spotted.
  • Some uppies will abandon their MELD owner and side with the pookies who were bullied.
  • MELDs often don't have partners. Sometimes they will let their sibling be a MELD with them. Usually, MELDs only have siblings if the sibling is rare.
  • Sometimes meanie mumus will have a MELD and/or MELDU. She will let them bully the other pookie and pretend not to notice.
  • Sometimes MELD may use a "mind control ray" to make mumus who didn't ignore belive that they didn't do the 'crime', however this is very, but VERY rare.                                                                                                             

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