Mean Evil Lying Mumus (or MELMs) are like mean mumus, but these work in society. They are very abusing and they never love their babies at all. Since they're one of the greatest threats to pookies, their society is also one of the PPP' worst enemies.

What do they do? Edit

  • They pretend to hurt you.
  • They feed you gross Elmo soup!
  • They can even throw you off a cliff!
  • They rip off your hair, clothes and boa.
  • They hold your head underwater.
  • They do happy dance when the pookie/s they bullied dies.
  • Some of them even post their bullying in Youtube!
  • They put you in the oven.
  • They throw you.
  • They give you a time out for no reason.
  • They fuss over your wista and treat you like trash!
  • Try and kill you with swords.
  • Fry and eat your puffles.

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes they will abuse you right away when you go to their iggy.
  • It's very rare that a pookie lover is being a meanie mumu just for a dare,roleplay,or video.
  • It's very rare that pookies will be a meanie mumu when they grow up. It's also rare for a meanie DUH DUH since mumus hate boys.
  • It's very rare for them to abuse a pookie when they are in the pet shop. They will also "look" for a pookie by saying "Looks for pookie,needs ones (one) to spoil!!"
  • Sometimes they will feel bad for adopting a baby and say sorry to their baby and say they will never abuse again.
  • If a Protector spots a MELM on Youtube, he/she reports the MELM by writing a Fan Mail to them with the video link, and asking if they (the Protectors) are allowed to report her if they ever see her. Almost 100% of the times they are given the permission they need.