Operation Conquest is an operation where Dr. Conquest  will be defeated. Agent Veggiepuff (Puff) and Oscar. It was supposed to start May 1st, but ended up starting May 12th.


  • April 22 2014 - After speaking to Agent Omega, Puff decided to create a Operation to defeat his arch-nemesis, the evil Dr. Conquest! He decided to have an assistant to help him, and let a poll pick them!
  • May 6th 2014 - Puff was watching Japanese anime on Netflix when he realised "OMG OPERATION CONQUEST STARTED LIKE A WEEK AGO!!!". Then he went on and wrote this, because he was not prepared. Oscar and Freezie were tied, so, putting it off a little more, added more time once again.
  • May 10 2014 - Oscar wins the poll by a coin flip.
  • May 12 2014 - Puff wanders around and finds ITEX's new robot, Puff 2.0! Under use by Dr. Conquest, Puff 2.0 will obviously be used for no good.


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