Operation Speedguin1 was a solo mission that Agent VeggiePuff went on to try and eliminate Speedguin1 , a dangerous MELD. It lasted from March 19th 2014 to March 22nd of the same year.


Speedguin1's Iggy

Speedguin1's Iggy

Agent VeggiePuff spied on Speedguin's igloo, throughly scanning it. He also set multiple traps.


  • On March 19th 2014, Agent VeggiePuff noticed Speedguin1 was on his friendlist somehow. He decided to spy on her iggy. However, a internet failure forced him to pause the mission.
  • From 20th-21st, Agent VeggiePuff came to the conclusion from the Puffle posters, she was possibly bullying Pookies because she wants to take the Pet Shop back for the Puffles.
  • On the 22nd, Agent VeggiePuff planted Cream Pie  Bombs in Speedguin's iggy. These Pie Bombs were powered by the richest Energon  Goofy could get his hands on. The mission appeared to be over.
  • On 23rd, Agent Omega X stepped accidentally on one of those bombs while checking the igloo, thus triggering it. He mentioned that "it's a miracle he was still breathing".

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