Before the creation of the pookie protection facility "Nova Prospekt" People sided with Haters more

Pookie Haters are huge Cuckolds who get wet everytime they think of hurting pookies, they almost never even try to do it though.

Reasons a hater might hate pookiesEdit

  • they are also romantically interested in puffles and don't like the fact that pookies get adopted in the Pet Shop, for it gets people to pay less attention to puffles.
  • They think that all pookies are divas and brats, and there's no good ones.
  • They think that pookies are offensive to orphans, for mostly being rich and having nice clothes before they even get adopted.
  • When someone chooses a pookie, he/she sometimes twirl the pookie and they say "Weeeee!" Pookie haters can get very annoyed when they see this.
  • Because they got an account banned by pookies.
  • Because they may be prep haters thinking that pookies are prep juniors.
  • Because they get bullied by pookies a lot
  • Because they are bored.
  • Because they have a relative in real life that hates pookies.
  • Because a pookie always said mo to him/her and think every pookie hates him/her.
  • Because they crowded the Pet shop(online) and the coffee shop(mobile)
  • Because they hate Disney for changing Club Penguin and think it's also Disney's fault that pookies exist, and think that anything that Disney caused is awful.
  • Because the like getting Horny at the thought of pookies getting hurt
  • They only pretend to hate pookies so that Protectors **** them up and that turns them on

The Difference Between a Pookie Hater and a Pookie Killer/SlayerEdit

  • A pookie hater is just somebody who dislikes pookies for the reasons listed above and normally try to avoid them. They do not necessarily kill or abuse pookies but they can try.
  • A pookie abuser/killer/slayer is a type of pookie hater who wants to destroy all pookies and goes around jerking it to the thought of abusing them.

How pookie haters insult pookies on Club PenguinEdit

Pookie haters usually do stuff that makes pookies cry, scream or shout. Pookie haters insult pookies by throwing snowballs at them, copying what the pookie is saying, throwing them on walls or to remote areas, and/or even pretending to steal the pookie's Teddy Bear, Rockhopper Plush, or imaginary (Golden) Elmo, sometimes saying "Rips Teddy/Elmo/Rockhopper/Turtle!" Also, they may make angry mobs (also known as Pookie Protests) to "skill"* and/or stop and/or ban pookies. It is very likely for the PPP to kick their ass

Rarely, there will be a trap at someone's igloo. A Club Penguin user will go to the Pet Shop and say "Pookie testing at my igloo on map!" Pookies may go to see what it is, only to find out that the igloo is basically a torture place for pookies, like the Pookie Hater Central. Sometimes, pookie haters keep pookies as hostages and get wet because they are actually doing what they thought about for so long.

  • skill means kill on Club Penguin.

They sneak into moms home hide behind something and jack off due to how hot it is for them (closets are rarely chosen by monsters.But they choose it anyway)When the mumu gets home with a pookie (Or dudu OR BOTH) they jump out with a weapon. They dont just wait till the pookie says "sees name tag with violet eyes under closet"Or any cute thing and they attempt kill the pookie.

They also may dress up as pookies and call other pookies "MUMU". Sometimes, when they see pookies at the pizza shop, they sing gory songs like Dumb Ways To DIe to drive them away and they go WOOK WOOK WOOK is scared of song WWAAA or something similar. they also hit pookies with crowbars (That's what gordon does anyway)

How pookie haters insult pookies on YoutubeEdit

They annoy pookies on youtube by going on BayBee videos on youtube and saying "Pookies are stupid and should jump off a cliff!" This annoys the pookies which drives them to reply and it causes riots on youtube. They do stuff like give pookies rooms for puffles, yell at them when they need food and pin them to walls.

How pookie haters insult pookies on WikiaEdit

Wikia is arguably the most common place for them to spread their hate. Haters are most common on the Club Penguin Wiki, where they post many blogs about their fantasies about hurting pookies, make userboxes saying how smart they are because they hate pookies, or message pookies on there, trying to convince them to stop pookieing. Haters that are too rude and mean when spreading their pookie hate get blocked for an amount of time for bullying. Some haters may also create their own wikis for hating on pookies, so they can be mean to them all they want, without getting blocked. Sometimes when a pookie hater starts to insult a pookie a whole team joins in with the pookie hater, but sometimes it's a team of pookies that goes against the hater and kill it.

Items Haters UseEdit

There are many items that Pookie Haters use on Club Penguin. They may wear anything, though.

Examples are below that are used by Pookie Haters:

Sexual TypeEdit

  1. Dragon Dildos (they always have these on hand)
  2. Ghost Costume
  3. Dino Fursuit (sometimes)
  4. Werewolf Fursuit
  5. Sexy Transformation
  6. Sexy maid outfits (For the females)
  7. Viking Costume
  8. Scary Movies
  9. 18+ NSFW videos they store on a USB drive
  10. Monster Fursuit

Annoying TypeEdit

  1. Boombox
  2. Whistle
  3. Water Suit 3000
  4. Fireman Items (All Together)
  5. Microphone (To sing hurtful Songs to Pookies)
  6. Tooting
  7. Saying Rude Things
  8. Scary Movies/Cartoons
  9. Snowballs
  10. Any Annoying Sound

Killing TypeEdit

  1. Silver Surfboard
  1. Flare the Elite Puffle
  1. Thunder Blade
  1. Spear
  1. Any power gloves from the Marvel Super Hero Takeover
  1. Card-Jitsu element suits (to freeze, drown, or burn pookies)
  1. Lasso
  1. Grappling Hook
  1. Magic Staff​
  1. Cookie Bombs
  1. Lightsaber (any colour)
  1. Roleplay guns


  • Some pookie haters only hate bullies and divas, but love nice pookies!
  • Sometimes penguins in Dino Sweaters come to Pookies and they think it is a hater but they are really not.
  • Contrary to Popular belief, You most likely will get destroyed by the PPP (and the protector gets to do whatever they want with you afterwards ;)


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