Grumply Crunguses in disguise are people who pretend to be a pet, biggy/middle wista/broder, mumu, duhduh, and sometimes even a pookie, they act grumpy. This is very common and they make good job!

What they do.Edit

  • They will look like a fam fam member, and go to places on a pookie server and will say "ew pookie" then beat the pookie to death and crungle wamble or criggle wiggle then "chungle" (common)
  • They will be pets/middle wistas or broders/biggy wistas or broders/anyone besides a mumu duhduh or pookie. Then, just like a MELD , they will be mean to the pookie. Sometimes they may actually be a pookie and act like a MELD . They all kill the fam fams.
  • They will be a mumu or duhduh who will adopt a pookie and be mean to them, killing the pookies in a good ways. (Meanie Mumu/Duh Duh)
  • They will say "crungo", "wumble", "wangle dangle", and "wumble pookie" before throwing it at a location, killing the pookie because the pookie land brutally, never comes back.