The Pookie Massacre or Massacre of Pookies is a gruesome murder made by TheBerserker, known for his gruesome murders of Pookies. It was hidden and covered by the PPP, for some reasons..

The murder, according to the files of the PPP...Edit

Back in february 2009, a Pookie Hater named TheBerserker entered in the Pet Shop of Blizzard (most known ''Pookie Server'' of old CP) for the first time. He decide to take a look and decide to talk to a random Pookie by saying ''hello''. For no apparent reasons, the Pookie was scared and immediatly alert the others by screaming ''STWANGER DWANGER!!!11!!''. So all the Pookies throw snowballs at Berserk, which he was confuse by the attack and the words they speak. But he was pissed and feel humiliated so he shot a snowball to the one who alert the others, which the pookie was hurt and cries, her wista decide to attack Berserker. All the Pookies (and some mumus) surround him and push him to the exit of the Pet Shop. Infuriated, he decide to use pure violence and brutal moves on the Pookies and their fam fams: eye gouge, ripping organs, punching to death and more guresome manners. All the Pookies and mumus/fam fams were red, due to the violence used by Berserk, which all of them never came back: some were really scared and never wanted to meet him ever again, others respected the code of ''when you die, you die'' and some decide to give up as a pookie. But Berserk wasn't aware of the presence of an hidden Agent of the PPP, so the Agent has warned the others about this gruesome carnage. But some Agents wanted to keep as a secret case, to not show to other penguins the actrocity of the carnage. All the victims who were pookies decide to keep it as a secret, since the PPP tell them to not spread the murder. But in October 2011, someone discover the murder by checking in the files of the PPP. Now Berserk was wanted in every servers, making him more dangerous.

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