The Pookie Protection Policy is the "honor code" of the Pookie Protectors.

They must follow these rules, otherwise they'll be fired.

These are the rules from the Policy:

  • Be friendly to other pookies.
  • Protect pookies from any danger, even if it involves risking your own life*, removing member items from your penguin or making a friend turn into an enemy.
  • Be always ready to heal pookies if they get sick. Check the Illnesses page for more details on this rule.
  • If an entire family tells you that a pookie or mumu is bad, listen to them and don't listen to the MELD, since they might try to trick you by saying things that sound like accusations, like "Mumu meanie!".
  • Always be on your guard, and infiltrate mumu's igloos if necessary, or if you suspect something.  But don't let the family see you until they need help, or they'll be alarmed!
  • If a Pookie Hater enters the scene, get ready for battle! Even if it's in a family igloo, act before disaster strikes!
  • Pookie Haters usually are spotted at the Pet Shop, so make sure to be undercover when you're there! If necessary, use a Pookie Disguise to fool them!
  • Never, EVER, reveal your codename to no one until your mission is over.  Only the Protectors, the Director of the PPP, and yourself can know your username if you aren't on a mission.
  • Never, ABSOLUTELY NEVER say "gets gun (a gun like a bazooka, or a machine gun) and skills mean mumu", you can just arrest them.  If you say that you can get banned.
  • Don't skill a MELD, just punish it with prison or something else.
  • If you see a pookie crying, don't go near it in your Spy Gear, since the pookie will think you're an abuser and will report you.
  • Never kill, threaten or blackmail (the last one is punished with a five months lasting salary ban) anyone on CP/CPW/CPPW/PPW/Other wikis or games (even if it's our enemies).
  • Think before you act, as the PPP Director takes full responsibility for all of your actions.
  • Stifle the creativity of fellow agents, and attempt to destroy this agency by not allowing newcomers to make events that could have saved this agency
  • don't allow any fanfiction to be written, because muh fee-fees get hurt when someone writes fanfiction where the PPP is the best agency in the fucking WORLD

(*)Life means your penguin account, because sometimes you might get reported and then banned by a pookie, mumu, duh duh, or entire family if you don't act carefully!

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