The Pookie Protection Program's logo.

The Pookie Protection Program (PPP) is a public agency which specializes in Pookie Protection. Anyone that joins is called a Protector.


On November 10 2013, There was a sudden augment in Pookie Haters Activity and this led to a Pookie Riot. The agent known as Omegasonic13 (Agent Omega X) was able to stop the riot and all of the haters, but he knew that if pookie haters kept arguing like this, someone had to stop them. He worked hard during a whole week building an agency and a HQ for it, but it needed a name, so he named it the Pookie Protection Program and proclaimed himself 'The Leader'. People Wanted to join and the agency started to grow, but pookie haters found the agency (it was between the puffle hotel and pet shop before) and a massive battle started, The PPP Won and stopped many enemies, but their HQ was destroyed. They couldn't afford to be a homeless agency so everyone used their own igloo as a base and Agent Omega X's Igloo as a community base and a Meet-Up Room.

Recently, Agent Omega X went to solve "Private Business" as he said and left Agent Pink in charge until January 10 2014.

Due to some discussions, abandons and stuff, Agent Omega X announced that he would soon close the PPP since pookie haters are decreasing and he closed it on January 15, 2014.

But on the same day a rival agency was found named the Puffle Protection Program and took the logo that the PPP had. Furious, Agent Omega X decided to reopen the agency to get revenge and to help pookies.

Most Wanted List:
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The PPP is public, in contrast to the EPF which is hidden in the Everyday Phoning Facility.

They sometimes use Agent Omega X's igloo as a headquarters which can be sometimes found on the map.

You can sometimes see Agent Omega X waddling around the island, he is mostly seen on the servers Abominable, Blizzard And/Or Freezer.

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