The PPP HQ is a dead and destroyed, abbandoned Pookie Protection Program's Head Quarters, where they have the shitty technology in failing and lying. It's inside Agent Omega X's igloo but got destroyed in a raid of the good PHD.

Where is it?Edit

It's inside Agent Omega X's Igloo (aka trisomical cunt dog), in the Tallest Mountain. But got destroyed in a raid made by Agent Exteme and Agent Club.

How do I enter?Edit

Easy to spot, the igloo is full of lights to be noticed. When you enter inside, there will be nothing but has a bed which is made of multiple dead Pookie corpses. If you rape all of the corpses, a hole in the floor opens but you have to push the corpses, while a part of the wall crumble, showing old and cracked wooden stairs. Another dead Pookie is lying on the floor, you have to rape it too. Then, after fucking the dead Pookie enough, another crappy wooden stairs appear. Then, you have to go again in the stairs (for an eternity), and you arrive at the shitty base. Meanwhile, a Pookie Slave (who will get raped alive, then tortured and killed) will replace all the corpses like it was.

If you're a lady pookie agent shit, then fist the Pookie, BOTH hands. Or you can bring a dildo or many dildos.



It's the Split Level Igloo with many normal things: a bed made multiple dead raped Pookie corpses, a table falling apart, a library of books ''How to kill Pookies'', some cringy stuff and all the souvenir of Omega's fails. And a pack of wooden boxes full of old machines.


The Secret Base, but with the crappiest technology stuff ever released. It's a few miles underground, below Agent Omega X's shitty Igloo. It's got Security Cameras that don't even work, furniture for other shitty projects, a laboratory with dead Pookies, a room with random stuff, a torture room (for pookies) and the private Anti-Pookie room for Agent Omega X.

What can be done here?Edit

We enjoy live footage (with our shitty cameras) of Pookies being killed, hated, tortured, raped and beated by fake and mean (good) mumus/dudus or fake dogs and cats hurting and killing Pookies. When a Pookie try to run away from the place, we will go catch the Pookie, hitting it and give the pookie back to it's family. We also scream good words to them such as ''YOU ARE TRASH, CANCEROUS POOKIE, KILL YOURSELF''.

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