Speedguin1,she looks cute but

the Devil in person.

Some attributes
First Evil.
Second Skills pookies.
Third Lies to mumus and wistas.
Other attributes
Fourth Bullies other pookies.
Fifth Makes wistas/mumus side with her.
Sixth Evil, evil, evil, and more evil. Did we already mention that she's EVIL? Also the devil's incarnation.

Speedguin1 is a Dangerous MELD who bullies and skills other pookies, Currently, Agent Veggiepuff set out to eliminate her in Operation Speedguin1, but he failed.

What Does She Do?Edit

When the Mumu is away (BRB or getting uppie/wista/biggy, etc.) she bullies the other pookies and then lies to the Mumu/Duh Duh saying 'I didn't push (pookies name/s)', she will also be a big kiss up to the Biggy Wista/Bro (or even middle if any) so they side with her in an argument, she will also be a kiss up to the Mumu/Duh Duh so they will spoil her and treat the others like trash. She doesn't only bully the pookies, she skills them as well.


On November 23, 2013, Two pookies were tum tum pookies and they got adopted by a mumu, They wanted a biggy so the mumu got one, They also wanted an older pookie (one who would take care of them, etc) and when the mumu brought back that pookie she was called 'Speedguin1', She kept saying 'Is Youngest' even though the other 2 pookies were newborns, then she pushed one of the pookies and the mumu came back that instant and she quickly changed it to 'Plays With', She kept lying and said 'Is Nice' 'Didn't Push' and she kept being a big kiss up to the biggy wista to get her to side with her, they finally left to the pet shop where Speedguin1 was, She got picked by a mumu and she walked right up to their faces and said 'I'm Cute Unlike You, I Got Picked!'.


  • She has done this about 25-40 times.
  • She is rarely ever seen with a Duh Duh.
  • She rarely gets in trouble.
  • When she gets in trouble, she uses reverse psychology so that the innocent pookies will get blamed.
  • She can skill other pookies but she rarely skills the mumu.
  • She is rarely seen being abused by anyone.
  • She's had several (and, for her, painful) encounters with Agent Omega X.
  • A blog post about her was seen on the Pookies Wiki.
Speedguin1's Iggy

Speedguin's Iggy

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