Dr. Conquest is an evil thief and Agent Veggiepuff's arch nemesis.

Dr. Conquest
Dr. Conquest
The Furby Thief Himself
Some attributes
First Theif
Second Has a Pistol
Third Owns a Helicopter and can fly it
Other attributes
Fourth Once had a TV show
Fifth Puff's Arch Nemesis
Sixth Once tried to invade Furby Island and steal the Furbies.


Dr. Conquest is from the movie Furby Island, and it is also Puff's favorite movie. In the movie, Dr. Conquest goes to Furby Island after Madie tells him about it. But after she finds him on the island, she finds out he planned to capture the Furbies with traps and put each Furby into a cage. However, he outsmarted by Madie and her brother Tye, and ends up stuck in a pit. After that, the two kids leave him there. However, 9 years after the movie's airing, Dr. Conquest returned. He and Puff now have a strong rivalry, and Puff plans to take Conquest out in this solo mission.


  • He works for ITEX.
  • The movie can be watched here.
  • The movie is actually just a 45 minute TV special, but Puff likes to refer to it as a movie anyway,

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