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Agent Berserk (real name: TheBerserker), also known as Berserk/Berserker, is an PHD Agent who was only knew for brutally kill Pookies. However, Berserk wasn't a very well known PHD Agent due to of it's multiple bans and once stated don't really want to be full time Agent because his urge to kill Pookies is growing. So he became an Agent for reserve/stand by.

Agent Berserk
''Pookies are cancerous faggots that kills CP and everyone knows that!''


''They (the Pookies) spam non-stop, like racist and sexual comments, reporting people for nothing AND YOU DON'T CARE???''

-Berserk, To a PPP Agent.

''Violence is my the Life''


Some attributes
First All of his stats (Strength, Speed, Endurance, etc.) are overall more powerful than any Agents.
Second Weapon Master: knows all the weapons, melee or projectiles, how they work and how they damage, etc.
Third Has an incredible intlligence, mind control and mastermind criminal. His knowledge is excellent.
Fourth A master at crafting: he create powerful wepons to creatures and even clone himself.
Fifth Elementary control. He often use elemental force like fire and water, even metal and more. Rarely seen.
Sixth Combat Master: knows all martial arts and is really dangerous when fighting.
Seven Evolution: his power is in %. He start to evolve at 10,67%.

History (funny & shitty roleplay)Edit

(The following is a funny story that we made and we wanted to put it for our memories. Many elements are true, while others are ridiculous and just for the roleplay.)

In 2006, TheBerserker join CP and begin to troll some people but it was around of February 2009 he witness the existence of the Pookies. He saw them as cancerous and annoying, like crap (Note: the word cringe didn't exist back then). But he begin to protest and joining riots against Pookies because most of them were spamming racist/sexual comments,most are feminists, blocking ways, lagging servers (because they so many) and reporting people for nothing (which make him mad). When he see some Pookies spamming sexual or racist texts, he said CP is a game for everyone and some children can see those filthy comments. Thus he hates Pookies forever.

But before attacking them, he took time to study their language, analysing the behavior and attitude, the manners they used, the stuff Pookies loved, etc. After the instense studying, Berserker decide to visit Pookies in the Pet Shop of Blizzard (the most well known ''Pookie Server'') for the first time. According to him, he saw over 20 Pookies. He said he was about to puke because the amount of ''stupidness'' was too much. But that didn't stop him: Berserker proceed to talk to a Pookie by saying ''hello little one'', which the Pookie respond to ''STWANGER DWANGER!!!11!!'' but he didn't understand the word first but also the way how the Pookies react: all of them were throwing snowball at him. Berserker was infuriated to be humiliated and he shoot a snowball to the Pookie who alert the others. The Pookie got hit and begin to cry and her wista begins to call the others to attack him. All the others start to push him to the exit of the Pet Shop but at that moment, Berserk was angry an confused at the same time. At the moment, an agent of PPP (which the identity is unknown) was here and witness the attitude of Berserker. According to the PPP Agent, Berserk said PUNCH TO DEATH, eye gouge Pookie! Stab, KICK, Rip open ribcage of Pookie, SNAP spine!, broke neck and other violent moves. Some Mumus were trying protecting their Pookies and fight back at Berserker but he brutally beat them to death and torture Pookies and enjoyed the reactions of the others penguins (mumus and some other penguins). He did kill all the Pookies in the Pet Shop, all of them nothing but all red and afk (and also, they never comeback). After the massacre, he train himself in combat and study more the Pookies than ever. But the PPP was warned at the time about the carnage in the Pet Shop and it was on this day he decide to create other accounts for hidding his identity, even going hacking accounts. The Anti-Pookies Series was a numerous creatures to kill Pookies: Zuwe, Pokantou6666, R24-65 and Bl00dLust are the most used monsters by Berserk. They were made to hide his real account too. Eventually, he decide to create his own arsenal of weapons and items infused with magic powers, like the Infinite Pockets.

In February 2009 to September 2009, it was said Berserk kill a total of about 900 (and more) Pookies (some rumors said he kill a total over 1000 to 1100 but it still not certain). In October, he decide to create the Anti-Pookie Series (or A-P S as a codename): a series of robots/monsters/mutants. He create a hundred of those creatures with different functions and kills Pookies. The series also permit to hide his main account. While creating those monsters, it is said that A-P 89, considered his first masterpiece and one of the strongest A-P in the serie. but A-P 89 died in a war. Berserker decide release his ultimate creature with the remains of dead strong monsters: Bl00dLust. Berserker decide to send him to kill Pookies. It was a success. But the PPP had a war against PHD at the time and Bl00dLust died, 3 months after being created. This leads nothing but wrath to Berserk, who went again on a serious murder wave.

He got banned many times for being violent and saying explicit words. But in 2010 his main account was banned. But that didn't stop him, he came back a few weeks after (just to be sure everyone think he was ''gone for sure''). He create another account named d3vil113 and begin a immense rampage of killing Pookies and raid the Pet Shop to kill MELDs, Divas, Eggs, Homeless Pookies, etc. He does enjoy Pookie eggs, he stomp and crush them in pieces, telling they can no longer be Pookies anymore. In his rampage, no was able to stop his madness. Except one penguin: it is rumored to be a young Omega X who was able to stop him. However Berserker and (supposedly) Omega X engage a duel which ended into a tie because they see they were equal and respect each other (rumors says it was another Agent like Extreme or Coco, both from the PPP to stop his rampage. It is still unclear). November 2010, Berserker decide to join the RPF. With some RPF members and other Pookie Haters, the gang raid the Pet Shop while it was full of Pookies. The PPP began a hunt to arrest the gang and put them to jail. The gang was arrested all except Berserker, who run away.

It was in October 2011, someone find the old secret files about Berserker's past and first carnage, back in 2009 and the story was spread all over the servers, making Berserk a ''most wanted'' figure. He decide to hide for a certain time but kill pookies in secret. But he was tired of hiding and really hate that (he hates being a coward) so he decide to create another gang with other Pookie Haters. The gang was small (about 7 to 12 members) but full of high skilled Pookie Haters like Berserker. They were able to kill plenty of Pookies but the PPP arrest again the gang. Again with his gang, they disguise as Pookies and infiltrate igloos to kill the fam fam members and raid Pookie contests. Few Pookies run away and tell the PPP Agents to help them. A fight occure and the evil haters wins by killing many Agents. For 2 years, Berserker and his gang made intense raid the Pet Shop, Pookie contest and igloos. The percentage of Pookies have decreased with time due to raids, but this cause the rise of Pookie Haters increasing. Later that week, he disguise into a mumu and Pookie and kills many Pookies and fam fam members, even Kitties and Uppies. He often acted like MELD(u) or Diva, even normal Pookie, depending on how he wants to be. In March 2011, he assisted for the first time a Tummy Pookie, Pookies that are inside and act like human babies! He claim that is inappropriate and this is not good because it's not for the age for kids to know birth child at this age (CP was for everyone, meaning there is some children). So he quickly understand the situation about the Tummy Pookie: when the Pookie was about show his head, he punches the head of the Pookie's head many times and pushing inside of the mumu's womb so the Tummy can't get out and kicks on the mumu, so she can't do a thing. He keep hiting the Pookie until the it said Is Pile Of Blood or Is Dead. He then shove a bomb in the mother's womb and runs away, killing them. He decide to search for Tummies but also Egg Pookies, Pookies in white clothes. In the Petshops, he saw many Tummy Pookie saying ''NWEEDS TUM TUM!'' or ''IS FREE TUMMY!'', which was stupid and atrocious but then he saw Eggs on the floor, waiting. So when he came to the mumus carrying Tummies, he hit hard many time on the belly of the mumus, causing great pain but also kill the Tummies (the Tummies said ''is dead inside tummy'') but some Tummies refuse to die, Berserk stab them until the mumus dies even put explosives on them, to be sure they died. If not, Berserk is going to stalk them until they accept their death. For the Eggs, he took plenty of them and take them to his kitchen, cracked them open and killing them. Some run away but Berserk block the exit, saying an Egg isn't able to walk. Then the Eggs try to hatches but he carries (if the refuse to be carried, Berserk stomp on them) the Eggs and break them all for this cooking. He put his omelette plate (full of dead Egg Pookies) and begin to eat it with satisfaction. He keep on going of carnages many time before he wanted to change.

In year 2012, Berserker commited an evil plan in the form of a funny game to take down Pookies and their Fam fams: his own Knife Game (or the Magic Stick Game, so Pookies won't notice his evil plan). He consider this game as a masterpiece and he took great pleasure to abuse the Pookies' innocence. The game works like this: Bersker disguise himself in a mumu or dudu (rarely) and sometimes, his friends are disguising in biggies but more Pookies, to convice other Pookies to enter in the deadly trap game. His friends even recruite other Pookies from another servers if there is not enough Pookies in Blizzard. When Berserk decide he has enough Pookies, he goes to his igloo, one of his friend's igloo or even infiltrate a mumu's igloo during a Pookie Contest (that will take more time for the mumu to go away from her igloo) for hidding from the public but he can do it in front of everyone: he can an empty server or less crowded server to go in the Pizza Parlor, Platza or Town to make his game but he prefer Igloos. Then after calling all the Pookies in the Igloo (about 20 Pookies and even more) he explain the instructions (see below) and the game always succed since many Pookies are killed and some manage to run away but got killed by Berserk's gang. After that, he pukes because the amount of cancer to be under disguise as a mumu is too much. But he did commited other kind of murders: once he was at the cove at night and a fam fam with a biggy and 5 pookies were enjoying their fun until Berserk came, grab one of the Pookies and rape it in front of everyone. The dudu try to defend the Pookie but Berserk punch him in the fenestra, breaking the skull of the dudu and shoot a laser from his mouth on the dudu, killing him. Berserk was still raping the Pookie in the process and mumu called the PPP. He then decide to eat the Pookie and rip it apart in pieces of flesh then he attack the other Pookies and biggy. The biggy try to help but was kicked the in head so hard, the head went flying in the air, under the horror of the others. He eye gouge, eat, rip the flesh, beat them to death, even the mumu. Except one Pookie: he wanted to put her head in the water so he shove the Pookie's head under the water, then pull it out of the water, punch the Pookie a few times and keep it on going until the Pookie is almost dead. Then he stab the Pookie and throw it away. The PPP arrive at the crime scene but it was too late since Berserk run away, leaving a note behind. Months later, he decide to regoup some many Pookie Hater, any kind of Hater, to an evil plan. Him, his gang and all other Pookie were about to 20 and they raid a Petshop. They block the exit so Pookies couldn't escape and he said ''TIME TO RAAAAPPPEE!'' (saying ''rape'' will ban him) and all Haters rape all of the Pookies, even if the Pookies was a boy. At the end when they were tired, Berserk's gang kill the Pookies, telling them they can't comeback as a Pookie and they will return as normal Penguins. He decide to push a Pookie in his fireplace, watching the Pookie suffering and he kick on the Pookie so it cannot run away. To be sure it was dead, he rip the Pookie's organs or stab. And he decide to change the fireplace for lava (he change his entire igloo to a volcanic like house). As a mumu or dudu, he carries the Pookie(s) and put them in the lava, put a giant lid over the Pookies, so they can't escape. But it wasn't a good plan since Pookies knew his actions, so they ran away but they were caught by his gang and killed. He decide to choose only one for the lava or fire torture. He create 3 machines that twist bones of the Pookies, slowly break them in great pain. He called it them the Bone-Twisters (meh) and only 3 Pookies for that invention. At first, it looks like a dentist's room but with big instruments and Berserk put straps on the Pookies (he says ''Put big and giant straps so you can't move for max security!'') and they could't move a finger (some didn't want to die and wanted to go away but his friends are always here with him, so the Pookie cannot run now and got killed in front of others). Berserk told them how the Bone-Twisters work and when he begin the torture, the machines press on the limbs of the Pookies, starting with the nails, then fingers and toes. One of Berserk's friend goes behind the machine and says ''Giant pliers break nails/finger/legs/arms, crush the bones of the Pookies, etc.'' so the Pookies can understand the situation and they started to panic and scream for help, crying desperately. Then the pliers goes to the vital parts like organs in abdomen and head, while Berserk and his friends enjoy the massacre...

Early 2013, he decide again to use psychologically abuse Pookies and create a new game for Pookies: by abusing them with mean words such as ''No one will love you if you don't speak properly, stupid!'' or ''you are a pookiem you are a dying race'' and Berserk will do anything to prevent the Pookie(s) being adopted like creating lie about the Pookie(s) was evil like a Diva or MELD(U), etc. It is a bit long sometimes but it is worth the try. After being under too much mean words and being stalked, the Pookie(s) (it can be more than one but it is more easy to be with one Pookie) are now depressed and very sad, losing all hopes for being adopted by a mumu and fam fam. So Berserk give them a ''Key'' or an AP-S, depending of what he wants to use. For the ''Key'', he give to the Pookie a knife (a Magic Stick, like the Knife Game) and claims it's the ''Key'' that will free the Pookies from her suffers and she can join the True World, so Berserk said to the Pookie she have to put the Stick in her body (the body is the chest that contain the Pookie's imprisoned ''True Self'' or Soul) and the Pookies does what she was told but Berserk tell the Pookies to be red, some understand they are dead, if not, Berserk kill them quickly and tells they never come back as Pookies but normal Penguins. For the AP-S, he give a monster (he use multilog) and he tells the Pookie that he was sorry and he wanted to give him that giant plushie as a present. The Pookie can refuse, so Berserk kill it without hesitate. But the Pookie say yes, then the AP-S hugs the Pookie and crush the bones of the Pookie. Many Pookies fall for this trap and families were crying at the point commit suicide and venging their Pookies, even if it wasn't a Pookie who got choose by a fam fam. He made decide to stay in the shadows for a while and stop the intense rampages and raids for many months but still kill Pookies with other accounts sometimes. Over time, some rumors said he has quit CP for good. It's only in June 2013 he made an enormous comeback about early summer when he was in a mission with RPF. There was a an army who was challenging the RPF and the fight took place in a few servers and most of the fight were in the Town, Mine, Ski Village and Platza. Berserk and his gang decide to kill the most Pookies while the ruckus help them hiding their massacre. Again, all the Pet Shop were destroyed with bloodied bodies of Pookies but also Mumus and Fam Fam members. It was considered his highest and greatest Pookie Kill Count: even the after the war ended (which was over 2 days, he continued to raid Petshops in other servers), the number was 412 Pookies killed (he said the number himself, though it still questionned).

March 2014, he discovered the existence if PHD and decide to join them. Berserk wanted so much to be in the group but before he decide to talk to a member(a rookie apparently). But the rookie didn't want him because he was TOO brutal, which anger Berserker. So he decide to join on the site and pass the test: he finally became an Agent. He wasn't known as a popular Agent like Unknown or Club, which make him jealous. But that make his madness was growing and decide to kill more and more Pookies and decide to kill normal penguins to satisfiying himself. A few Agents of the PPP was aware of Agent Berserker's actions and secretly decide to talk in private to the a small group from the PHD (in both of the small groups, the Agents decided to not show their names and identities, so they take other accounts). After the meeting, The PHD decide to spy Berserk for many weeks: he was more and more violent, and how he kills Pookies was gruesome, his strength was insane and once cause an earthquake enough to break the base of an army known as Red Ragers. Some PPP/PHD Agents decide to neutralize him but failed and lost lifes in the process. According to the PHD Agents, Berserk's endurance was enough to take a Full Power Shinku Hadoken of Agent Unknown. Afraid of Berserk's power, they decide to neutralize Berserk with the PPP, which stay Top Secret. On this day, On this day, there was an accord between the two factions: the mission was to calm Berserk down. The mission's: Code Berserk. Code Berserk. But Agent Berserker was aware of the spying on him: with the help of his gang, he found the truth. So he felt so betrayed and angry that he cause an strong explosion, powerful enough to damaged the PHD's sub base. He decide to wreck other Agents of PHD but also PPP. He decide to kill some RPF and EPF members and goes for the Town to kill everyone but Agent Deus Rex (known as Zeus Destroy on wikias) was able to put a sleeping dart on him. It was the only way to defeat him until Berserk's metabolism begin to be more stronger and tough against sleeping serums.

He was put in a special cell, where his powers were almost ineffective (the cell absorb his powers to power-up the entire base). Deus told him there is nothing to worried about and everything will be alright but Berserk think they are plotting against him. The PHD and PPP Agents enter the cell, told everything to Berserk and declare his power being at 8% is now considered a huge and high treat to be neutralized. They said that he will go insane if he goes 8% and more but Berserk put a limiter to 15% and wants to prove they are wrong. The PPP and PHD Agents argue against Berserk into a fight, which Berserk told them they know absolutely NOTHING about him, that they are always wrong and ''retarded fucks''. The PPP and PHD were surprised and they want Berserk to apologies but Berserk only obey to his true superiors and second, he really hates impersonators and finally he was frustrated by the face there is some PPP agents having an alliance with some PHD. Being consumed by his wrath, he broke the machine's absorb power just by powering up and and broke free of his specials chains, the PPP and PHD were scared. He kill all of them in a gruesome ways and he took time to torture them with pleasure. He feel more betrayed than ever and glow all red to make his body being really hot, burning everything next to him then explode, making the PHD base shaking and the base took major damages. Deus Rex was one of the few survivors and explain his story to the other PHD members. About a few days after the explosion, Berserk and Deus have a meeting in a secret place. Berserk wanted to quit the PHD forever and still have a huge grudge against the PPP and PHD. Deus was trying to convice him to stay in the PHD, saying Berserk is the greatest Agent ever and he may be a great leader. Berserk respond: "I don't have ANY attribute of a leader, nor a commander or general of any branches and you told me that I can be a leader??? ARE YOU RETARDED?!? I am NO leader! You, the PHD, the PPP and every other factions betrayed me. You join this filthy alliance and it this one of the main rules of the PHD to NOT and NEVER have any relations witt the PPP. You disgust me. I am no Agent, never was, never will be.'' Deus said: ''Fine. Do what you want and you ever wanted to be. I am your best comrade, even colsest friend. I'm sorry and i'll never do it again. But what will you do? You're now alone, what is your goal now, Berserk?'' Berserk only wanted to have revenge on those who betrayed him. ''I am your enemy now. So I will attack other factions alone. And now, prepare yourself.'' Both of them have a gruesome fight, which Berserk have the upper hand and easily crush Deus. After the fight, Berserk left him dead. Deus call his allies and was hospitalized under high security (he was scared if Berserk will kill him when recovering). After all those events, Berserker never talk to his gang and was hiding somewhere else, hacking other accounts and creating other accounts. He was hiding for a long time, killing Pookies and even make some raids on Pookies. He lost his sanity, being more crazy and decide to rape Pookies, which he got banned multiple times.

In the end of the of April 2013, Berserker was under the identity of ''datkidD00d'', he decide to contact his old friends, his first mates that he can trust and with him, they were Berserk's first gang: they are called the the Violent Gang, with Berserk as the leader and 3 other Skiller called Deus Rex, $ur4z and kow0ng (they are still in alive and killing pookies today). But since Berserk left them they are nicknamed as Berserk's pupils, Bloody Trio and Death Pookie Skillers. Berserk talked to them about how he feels and wanted to join the gang, for one last time because he is tired of hiding and will probably quit Club Penguin since there is no one who wants him anymore and he claims that since he retired from the PHD, he noticed that no one talk about him and when he kill a pookie, people thinks it's another skiller, no Berserk. That make him sicks and he feels like a ''Dead Story'', a forgotten story. Berserker wanted revenge on the PHD and he wanted to have fun but for the last time and his friends were sadden for him quitting Club Penguin. He said that he have enjoyed killing Pookies and he will never forget those moments. The gang came back under the name as Berserk Rebirth, with this name other people will remember Agent Berserk's stories and raids (the idea with the name wasn't Berserk but his friends, they were insisting about the name but he really don't like it, calling it ridiculous but he accept it with regrets). The gang begin to raid Petshops in all ''Pookie Servers'', thus create many rumors about Berserk's return and about his revengein the PHD and PPP. He went on a rampage again and fight plenty of PPP Agents, killing them but some manage to run away. For the PHD, he challenge them to a fight but the PHD is aware of his great power so the PHD decide to off him to be an Agent again but as an Agent for reserve/stand by. He accept the offer and he actually like it, saying that he will be under control, not entering in a burst of rage like before.

Months later, he changed his mind to stay on Club Penguin, because he wanted to be known, like he always wanted. Berserk went on missions and battles, he even start again killing Pookies in gang in gruesome ways again. So he turn back in his normal life like he was before, doing his daily job as an Agent of the PHD. He was happy and glad to comeback to his old friends in the PHD but still keep his goal in head: to be a well known Agent. Berserk did all the possible to be a known Agent of the PHD, raiding Petshops and Igloos, doing missions, etc. He frequently ask his superiors for being a promoted Agent, more popular and more respected. But his superiors never promised his dream to come true: he lack leadership, GOOD leadership. He wasn't that good in term of leader, he don't get along with other Agents and insulted them (the other Agents claim Berserk's plans and strategies sucks, which makes him frustrated). His own gang is for fun and his his friends are always agreed with him, so he never truly experience real leadership. Berserker quickly noticed that and even said he wasn't good being a leader. He was very sad when he learn he will never be a promoted Agent, more known and popular...

Year 2014, the year when popularity of the Pookies were increasing in mass, the number was very high. PHD noticed the number of Pookies growing more and more, $ur4z and k0w0ng were angry about that so they decide to attack without any strategies the Pookies in Petshops. Both got beaten out cold by Agent Batman (not the StripeMaster, another Batman that is different), a powerful penguin who is just under Omega X. Deus Rex try to avenge them but was beated too in the duel. Agent Berserk decide to avenge his fallen friends, to a harsh duel. Batman heard about Berserk's powers and was prepared to face him with all he got, weapons, gadgets and skills in hand-to-hand combat. Both fight hard in the battle and they were almost equal in combat styles, Batman claim he knows too all Martial Arts but Berserk show him Okinawan Karate, Old Pankration and Kalarippayat and others, which he easily surpass Batman in combat styles be cause Batman never see them. But it was when Batman show his special gun arsenal that badly hurt Berserk: a special bullet like a sleeping dart but with Acidic Uranium, Berserk's weakness (he can regenerate himself but much more slower). But Berserk manage to destroy Batman in a furious state, about 83,45% of his power potential, which is an enormous treat danger level (Batman called his friends weak and other names, so this is why his power was suddenly high). In his rage, his wounds quickly heal, hit Batman in a high speed and power, ripped off Batman's body and smash it into pieces, then shoot lasers from his eyes and smash the mountain where he and Batman was, in pieces. Berserker, in great wrath, wreak havoc everywhere and kill/rape all Pookies and other Penguins. He was so mad that he decide to jump in water, swimming in the deep waters. While he was gone, Omega recreate Agent Batman, more powerful and efficient but when Batman awake from his death, he jumps off the operation table in combat stance, attack all the doctors and was very scared. The PHD immediately understand that Batman still fear Berserk and he never wanted to face him again. For Berserk, it took about 4 weeks before he came back on the island, calming himself. He decide to create more gadgets and weapons for his friends but also more AP-S, more powerful and deadlier than ever. After months of tests, the new AP-S came out and he unleash the mutant monsters attacking Pookies in Petshops. The number of Pookies did decreased over the time and the PPP was infuritated, so they put a ''Most Wanted poster'' of Berserk, without any apparent reward (you can give coins). He has to hide and took other accounts to kill Pookies without the PPP notice him and his friends did the same thing or hacking accounts of others. He recruit some RPF members to attack Pookies in the Petshop, killing them without any hesitation (Berserk made some lies to the RPF: he claim that the Pookie Army was about to attack the RPF soon, so they were surprised).

In year 2015, Berserker made a long break for no reasons, without warning anyone, even he's gang or the PHD. They have waited his return and got many difficulties during his absence: stupid events, the rise of the Pookies (they have really changed too), few bases of the PHD attacked and his gang ran out of ideas for killing Pookies. An agent of the PHD declare that Berserk quit the CP world forever, in August 2015. Almost everyone believe Berserk was tired of CP and the Pookies, that he give up for unknown reasons but his k0w0ng, Deus Rex and $ur4z refuse to believe those story. The PHD didn't even made a memorial of Berserker, which was quite frustrating because he did great efforts to be an Agent of the PHD. He was, once again, forgotten. A forgotten ghost from the past...

It was in March 2016, Berserk took other identities, for not being caught and made a huge comeback: he raid Igloos, Petshops, contests in all servers to kill Pookies. At first the PPP wasn't aware of the raids and attacks, since they even forgot about him but when they heard of the stories about those raids, the PPP try to track down the murderer in question. Berserk meet his gang in a Petshop, they were killing Pookies and he kill every Pookies in the Petshop very fast. Surprised, they wanted to know who he was and Berserk said he was sorry that he forgot to warn his gang and the PHD. His gang was happy and they brought him to the PHD, which many Agents were stunned with surprise to see Berserk. They refuse to believe that he was Berserk but he shows his techniques, books about him, stories and archives, inventions and quotes that only him can say (too explicit to say, sorry). The PHD apologies (again) and they wanted him as an Agent again but Berserk told them he work hard to be an Agent but never succeed to be popular because of the PHD ''refuse'' him as a popular Agent (the PHD claim he will be a huge target for them or a pain in the *ss). Angry than ever, he attack many Agents before wrecking Pookies in Blizzard and killing innocent Penguins, his gang were unable to stop him. In an act of rage, he eat anyone he attack, pounding the ground to create earthquakes and destroy everything with his powers, evolving into Overdrive Limit Berserk. He finally stop when he was satisfied of killing all Pookies in Blizzard, the most known Pookie Server. The PPP and PHD wasn't even able to follow him, due to switching servers all the time, changing between accounts.

2017, not much about Berserk since he was very busy in his life. He made some raids but they were not very that destructive: he got ban more easily since CP fix the bad words. And Pookies refuse to die, almost 70% of Pookies won't obey at any actions told, like being killed or even getting picked. Berserk is still angry to not be a popular Agent, keep creating plans to attack the PHD. He left his gang once again to be a bit free. In December 2017, Berserk finished to create hsi books, except the one about his life since he wanted to stay at the end of CP. When the end was announced, he was prepared to leave CP forever. He told his gang to not worry about and he will probably join some CPPS games but that wasn't certain. He decided to give the last boost: he attacked Pookies in full violence, more than ever. The number of Pookies decreased due to huge raids in the Petshops, contests and in every servers. On the day of CP's closure, Berserk finished his book, Life, give them copies of his book and said ''Even I wasn't able to be a full Agent and well known and popular, I somehow did a good job. I wish to be recognize by the PHD one day and I hope that I'll be in a memoriam.'' Berserker wanted to quit the PHD but decided to stay in the final day of Club Penguin. He decide to do a quick check-up, to watch in every servers if there was a Pookie. He did find a few and manage to kill some, telling them to never comeback as a Pookie (even if it was the final day -_-) but some refuse to die and ran away, Berserk catch them and only scare and stalk them. They stop being Pookies and become penguins, normal penguins like he wanted. In the final minutes, Berserk said ''Farewell? It is not a farewell. maybe we are going to see each other in ''another life''! But for now, it's a more like a bye bye! But farewell my friend.'' And the game shutted down, for ever.

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Berserk? Edit

So days later after CP's death, I found that crappy game called Club Penguin Island, I have decided to take a look: it was awful. So I checked more and I found some CPPS games, like Lounge and Free. But I spot a Penguin with the username if Tykar-Dojo Free Penguin, similair to Berserk's alternate account but a bit different. And another one on Free Penguin was named XxB3rs3rkxX, I don't think it is a coincidence, I am at 100% that is him but who knows. It is still a unclear if it's him. I talking about that to Zeus and Zuras and they witness too this penguin. We are excited.

-Kaian The Lord


Power, Abilities, Stats and Feats Edit

Berserk was indeed one of the strongest Agents in the PHD but maybe the most powerful is hand-to-hand combat and feats statistics. His brute force and violent style is considered a big treat for all the factions, clans, groups and armies. Berserk put a limiter in his power and we currently don't know his full potential but the PHD estimate Berserk's 100% power could be too dangerous and may have the power to destroy everything. Here is the his current power and feats:

Immense Strength: One of his most notorious feats is the insane strength he possesses. Strong enough to break bones and tearing flesh of the Pookies but also folding the hardest metal with ease. He can create earthquakes and tremors, powerful enough to destroy a base (like the PHD base). Being hit by one of his punches/kicks/headbutts means death. No one knows his current strength limit and seems to be infinite.

Super Speed: His speed in abnormal and he can run at 150/mps and more. His agilty permit him to dodge the fastest bullet with ease. With this speed combine his strength and martial arts techniques: a powerful fighter. Can hit very fast and he is quick at sword fighting, which makes him very dangerous.

Abnormal 5 Senses: His senses seems far beyond of normal Agents: Berserk can smell a PPP Agent from a distance of a hundreds of miles, hearing a Pookie from outside and can tell what the exact actions of the Pookie (more difficult when there is a Pookie Contest sincet they are many).He once taste a cookie and he claims the cookie was touched by a Pookie (which he puked after the analyse). Like the smell, he also analyse an object just by touching it, if the Pookie touch the object (if yes, Berserk will go wash his hands). While testing his vision, Berserk was on the top of the Pizza Parlor and quickly spotted his friends on the Dojo, which is really intriguing.

6th Sense: He can predict with great ease in fighting or being shoot on him. Once on a mission, a young Berserk was about to be shot in the back bye a hidden sniper, without noticing the presence of the enemy. The gun has a muffler on it, for a silent kill. When the sniper pull the trigger, Berserk dodge at the very moment and counterattack. He noticed his ''6th Sense'' and from this incident, he use it on every missions and murders. But that does not always work, he got shot by many sleeping darts in the past, which means his 6th Sense isn't perfect and does not always work.

Exteme Toughness: He don't feel any pain and weapons cannot harm him. He also ask his comrades to strange experiments on him to make him his skin more tough and hard as the diamond. Trying to eye gouge or kicking in the balls is futile. Some Agents approved that he can take a Full Power Shinku Hadoken from Agent Unknown. He can't wistand Acidic Uranium, one of his weakness and it can perce burn his flesh, which he cannot regenerate except if he goes in Berserk Mode, all wounds made by Acidic Uranium will disapear. In the past, sleeping darts can affect him but not anymore now.

Infinite Stamina: He was never seen exhausted from running at full speed or sparring and training hard for weeks (when he stop, it means he wants to kill, eat or going in missions). He is never tired and never sleeps since he made unknown experiments on him. Except if he use too much energy, he will be weak and need to sleep.

Great Intelligence/Psychology Control: His intelligence is over the highest Agents in the PHD and seems limitless: his knowledge is absolutely outstanding and knows almost everything of the Pookies, the agencies and armies, also the martial arts and crafting to science. He often use psychology control on Pookies, after verbally abusing (such as ''No mumu or dudu will love you, You are a disgrace to all Pookies and you need to fucking die, Disappear from this world.''), hunting non-stop and hitting the Pookies, they're going be terrifyed and depressed. Then he told the Pookies to commit suicide and give a knife or acid, an electro-trap and sometimes one of his Anti-Pookie monsters. If it's a knife or other object he says ''Dont worry, I was here not to bully you but to show you the get out of this world, here is the ''KEY'' to access to the True World.'' and he gives the weapon to the Pookie, which after commit suicide (they turn red and says ''is now in the True World'' or ''suffering is ended'' but they know they die. With an A-P series, Berserker shows the monster as an apology for being rude with the Pookie and he claims he created a giant Teddy (sometimes mixed with Elmo): ''He may look gross but I created him by putting all the love inside of his body to make you happy!'' and the Pookie hugs the monster, which he hugs back but crush the Pookie's body to death. If the Pookie is about to commit suicide with a knife but hesitate, Berserk can say ''It was just a lie, stupid Pookie!'' and he stab the Pookie. But the plan don't always work and the Pookie can run away, which Berserk change to other account and kill the Pookie or he block the Pookie, grab it and use his violent rage to kill the Pookie.

Combat Master: Expert in all martials arts and combat sports: French boxe to Karate, wrestling to judo, Kung-fu to muay thai, Okinawan Karate to Pantration, he learn and trains hard to perfect his style, being more skilled and more dangerous in hand-to-hand fighting than any Agents ever. But what Berserk use the most is bitting and ripping apart the organs of the vitctims with his ''claws'', even eating it, make him looking like a beast

Lasers: A rare secret power that Berserk use is the lasers. He can shoot lasers from his eyes, mouth, hands, feet, everywhere on his body. He can also use the lasers from every part on his body at the same time to make huge damage around. He once use it against a base from the PPP, which was destroyed into ashes, The reason why he don't use this move is because it took alot of energy to create a laser. In peak condittion, he can release many lasers until he got tired

Elementary Control: Can use a all elements of the nature and beyond. He use it for creating a rock brigde to help his fellow Agents to get the other side of a river, building igloos with snow and ice, put fire for his cooking and more. But he use the elemental force to kill Pookie of course: drowing, burning, freezed, put them in lava, being corrupt by darkness, crushed under giants boulders, electrified, etc. He is rarely seen using the elements and claims it,s not that easy to control, Berserk have to be very focused. But using elements don't require his energy, he's not tired after using them, even for hours.

Disguise Expert: One of his hobbies and most skilled at is being under disguise as a mumu (often rich), uppie, kitty and other fam fam members such as biggy or wista, rarely a dudu since Pookies love mumu because they are sexists. Despite being disguise is a hobby, Berserker claims he cringe being a fam fam member and sometimes he pukes after killing Pookies, while getting laughed by his gang.

Crafting Master: He has a variety of melee/gun weapons but also has Infinite Pockets: he can put anything in his pockets like objects, weapons or houses. But he also like his own crafted gun: the Meta-Acid 300, a gun that splash corrosive acid strong enough to melt the hardest metal but for killing Pookies, he set the the gun at ''Very Low Splash'' with ''Weak Projectile'', so he shoot small balls of acids on Pookies. He also love explosive weapons for ''multi-kills'' or to create a diversion when he attack bases. Or silent and quick kill: sniping, guns with mufflers and knifes stabbing. Or simply snapping the neck of it's victims. He often use small blades weapons for killing Pookies. He also create other account to hide his real iddentity. Berserk love creating mutants/robots and he craft an army of monster called the Anti-Pookies Series (or A-PS for shorts), designed to kill Pookies. Each A-P has differents skills and tecnhiques to kill Pookies, some use fire to burn Pookies alive, others are using blades such as katanas or battle axes. But Berserk made mistakes in their creations: he didn't know that each A-P has one or multiple weaknesses. Like Zuwe The Slayer was a master swordman but his weakness is electricity since he was but a robot. Bl00dLust, his clone was the same as Berserk but Bl00d wasn't his 100% clone since Berserker didn't know his own limit of power and strength and wasn't that skilled on cloning himself: he create Bl00d at only 38,7% instead of 100%, not enough to be a full clone and that is why Bl00dLust died in a war. But Berserk recreate Bl00d many times and Bl00d was more stronger. It was when the PPP use a powerful laser on Bl00d, he was fully destroyed, without a trace. One of his most known item created is the Infinite Pockets, which allowed him to place any kind of objects or living beings in those pockets without limit. He can put even a car and his igloo (their size will retract and get sucked in the pocket) but Berserk often use them for weapons and mostly ammos, so he will never run out of bullets. Another item crafted is the Multiplicator: like the name suggest, it will multiply the chosen object or living being, to the infinite. However, it has energy supplies, Berserk have to recharge it for 6 hours (if there is 0% energy). And the more you multiply, the more it takes time. And you can only chose one object or living being at the time. You can multiply guns, ammo and swords, which is very useful. You can clone yourself to a maximum of 30 clones (the Multiplicator can't hold on) but the clones' timespawn are about 1 hour, only ideal for wars or raids. You can also multiply your energy at you want like X1000 but the higher is the number, the more it hurts to your body (like when Goku use Kaioken X20, his body is suffrering from great pain).

The Knife Game (known as the Magic Stick(s) Game): Berserk disguise as a mumu (or sometimes a dudu) and gather plenty of Pookies (about a dozen and more) and it has to be very young age Pookies (Newborns to Children Pookies). Then he gives a knife or two, depends on how much Pookies are in the igloo (calling the knife(s) Magic Metal Stick(s)). He choose igloos as the perfect place, being in public will be hard. He waits mumus to leave the iggys. When one Pookie stab another Pookie, the one with the knife has to say ''skyll!'' (an alternative for ''skill'' and stand for ''SKY's Lovely Land'' and Pookies like that name) and the stabbed Pookie has to yell ''Waaaaaa!'' or (has fainted in sleep forever). Berserk tell them they have to change their color in red and cannot be Pookies anymore and they return as ''normal penguins'' (most of the Pookies understand they're dead and were forced to be normal penguins forever). He can do it without being a Mumu and infiltrate a iggy, it is more easy without other mumus and fam fams. Rarely, some Pookies manage to quickly understand his plan and runs away but Berserk tell the Pookies to begin the game and staying at the igloo, goes to the Pookie(s) who run away by killing or take them back home. His gang is often with him so they enjoy and catches Pookies who try to run away. Berserker enjoy the carnage and sometimes kill all the Pookies even when the game didn't begin or finished, because his urge to kill is too high.

Evolution: The more insane/angry he is, the more he get stronger. It's power is calculated on ''%'' and if he goes 8% of his power potential, it is considered a extreme level danger and a high treat to be neutralized. His attitude often change over the evoltution, being more and more crazy and cannot restrain himself to kill. When he did his first massacre, he claims to be over 8%, even more. The PHD Agents test his power and calculated he begin to transform at 10,67%. He never seen was on 100% but Berserk's highest % ever recorded is 42,74%, at the time when the some PHD agents have an alliance with the some PPP members he feel so betrayed, his wrath was destructive and was going insane. Berserk put a limiter on his power: to him, exceed 15% is shown as a treat and too powerful but the PHD and other factions claims 8% is too much, which he disagreed. Even if the PHD never saw Berserker being at 100%, he claims that he was once at 70%, 85% and at 100% and even more, he stated he was above his 100%. Berserk call that the Overdrive Limit or Full Power Berserk by the others. He never wanted to be above than 100%, he said it was horrifying to see the destruction caused and he feel like a monster, he wanted to not a destroyer. Berserker said he wasn't tired after returning to normal, this is somehow very odd.

Berserk Explosion: Being frustrated so much can cause him to make his body glowing all red and explose, without being hurt. He use this power to destroy igloos and big buildings but also to kill many Pookies around him. But after the explosion, his energy is weak and Berserk has to wait 2 hours for use it again or eating a ton of food, using a boost technique can restore his energy. Except when he transform into his final form, which he can explodes at will without being tired and can shoot energy balls that explodes on contact. The explosions are strong enough to destroy the PPP and PHD's headquarter bases but when he evolve, they are dangerous as Neutron Bombs (accorded to Deus Rex). He's only be able to create the Berserk Explosion at 12%, accorded to Agent Coco.

Accounts: He claims to possed a thousands of accounts but it is quite skeptical. But he proves that he has a huge ammount of accounts. Here is the accounts that Berserk use the most (in the most used to the least):

TheBerserker (main), XxB3rs3rkxX (when his main account was banned), B3rserker*, TykarDojo, Bl00dlust*, Tykar-D0j0, tort0ise18, Anti-PookieX, iampookie, Speedguin, J0j0 #1*, j4ckj4ck, Zuwe*, dizkidBoogi*, DaikonFire1 and DaikonFire2, many monster of the A-P series, G00d mumu and G00d mumu2, lolm2k, Jason345, MeleeSmash, MeleeFox, blo0died3.4, gr3at joshua, some_giga*, fayel4ah, spanishdude8, topkek10, spoodermon*, bidid0uu.

The (*) means there is more than one, he made clones of this accounts:

B3serker: 5 (B3serker1, B3serker2, etc.)

Bl00dlust: over 6 and maybe more

some_giga: about 12

J0j0 #1: over 11

dizkidBoogi: 6

spoodermon: 5

Zuwe: 8 and maybe more

Trivia Edit

  • He is somehow to be considered as the ''creator'' of all the Insane Pookie Skillers. Berserk was aware of this but didn't really care about it.
  • It is unknown if Berserk is in CPR or other tribute games such as Freepenguin, Alpha Penguin, Oasis Penguin and Vintage Penguin. Before he ''temporaly'' (because he was busy in his real life) quit the agency, he mention he would probably play CPR or other fans tributes games. However, a penguin called XxB3rs3rkxX was spotted a few times on CPR and Freepenguin. On FreePenguin, a user named Tykar-Dojo was spotted too. It is unknown if it's him.
  • He did face plenty of strong enemies like a young Omega X and even Agent Batman and more. The result of the fight is always different, Berserk can be happy, satisfying or even mad and angry when he win, like the one with Batman: he win but he was very angry.
  • It is very hard to understand him, since his emotions are always changing each seconds in a psychotic manner, he can control his urge of killing Pookies. He often speak weird like this: ''hI fRienD, How iZ it GoiNG noW?'' but he can talk normally.
  • He can talk all the languages on the world, even lost language from the past.
  • Berserker's favorite mini-games in CP are Cart Surfer, Ice Fishing and Puffle Round Up. He said when he plays Cart Surfer it's for getting coins faster (one game took probably 1 minute and less and you can win above of 950 coins, if you got all stamps!), Ice Fishing because he likes that game since it's calm and easy, funny too but he prefer now the one of CPR with the Grey Mullet. As for Puffle Round Up: it's for support Puffles instead of stupid Pookies!
  • Berserk put his knowledge/mind/consience/emotions in 4 separate books, plus 4 others about his plans/missions/raids/attacks, 3 about his goal, 8 about all of his powers/skills and how he master all of them, 3 about all of his crafted inventions and AP-S and the final one: his entire life in one big book. He give each all the 23 books in form of copies to all of his gang members to become like him, understanding him. But the REAL original 23 books are under the hands of: Deus Rex, $ur4z and kow0ng (in order: Zeus Destroy, Zuras Hakai and Kaian The Lord, their names in the wikias).
  • Superpookie, a self proclammed god of Pookie was beated to death by Berserk, in the dankland.

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