The World Pookie War is a war that as going to start on May 17, 2014, however due to Agent Omega X (the chungo) and Agent Cruggle(The Grangle) talking about it in a Private Conversation.


Pookie Protection Program (PPP)Edit

The only Bad sides in this fatal war. They try to make the pookies survive, but since some haters just hate pookies because they took over the Pet Shop, they got killed by haters. The PPP was destroyed in the years. Those haters (like many) are Cuckolds. Some pookies went to the Puffle Park, but most stood.

Pookie Hater Defense (PHD)Edit

The Good side in this fatal war. They made beautiful works at the thought of ridding all of the pookies by all means possible, even by ripping their organs and burning them alive. The thought of bullying the pookies, stealing things from them, kidnapping them, eye gouge some pookies and some haters goes to the exteme such as raping the pookies. The PPP works hard to stop them from doing those things to pookies by all means possible but ultimately fails.

History Of The WarEdit

In the war, the PPP attack a sub-base of the PHD, making the higher agents of the PHD angry. The PPP decide to call for help, they wanted to finish the PHD as soon as possible. Their allies were the Pookie Army, some Penguin Mafia and some RPF traitors. The PHD decide to fight back as they can but they were too weak, so they called help from the Purple Republic, Red Ragers, RPF (non traitors), Nachos and the Puffle Protection Program. The PHD and their allies raid mutliple bases of the PPP's allies but what the PHD wanted the most is killing the Pookies. Red Ragers and Purple Republic decide to kill pookies too, while Nachos and Pookie Protection Program decide to go to war. The RPF patrol the servers, killing the evil penguins. And the PHD were fighting the PPP, Penguin Mafia, Pookie Army and the RPF traitors. In the end,the PPP's HQ and all their friends was destroyed and the PHD was victorious! After the war, the PHD's side attack the Pookie Army, torturing them to death and raping some of the pookies (male or female). The Pookie Army was destroyed and never come back forever.

  • Both sides think they're the "good side" of this war, but the PPP is the one who is evil, with their plans and stupid stuff.
  • Like the name suggest, the war was considered massive for both factions but not as big for the other Armies: RPF quickly forget the war, Nachos didn't care too and some others claim the war was very stupid and boring. Red Ragers and the Penguin Mafia (they found it funny) did appreciate the battle, while the Purple Republic said it was waste of time.

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